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General Information about broadcasting equipments of SWR

Welcome to the technical pages of Scandinavian Weekend Radio. SWR use transmitters which are "homemade" and from these pages you can find more techical information about the transmitters and other equipments. Transmitters are tested by co-operation with Finnish radio authorities (Viestintävirasto) and both transmitters fulfills international ITU requirements.

Maximum ERP power what our licence permit is 2500 Watt.

Station location: Virrat, Finland

Transmitter A) for 25 meter band
RF output power: 50 Watts
Frequencies: 11690 and 11720 kHz

Transmitter B) for 48meter band
RF output power: 100Watts
Frequencies: 5980, 5990 and 6170 kHz

Transmitter C) for XX meter band - Under Construction
RF output power: XXX Watts
Frequencies: Open

Antenna A) for 25 meter band
Type: 2-element beam
Height from ground: 20 meter

Antenna B) for 48 meter band
Type: half-wave cage dipole
Height from ground: 6 meter
Direction: 160 degree

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